Office Design Tricks To Increase Productivity

When looking to improve efficiency and productivity, a simple solution is to look at the layout and design of your office. This can make a direct impact on your workforce. We at ModernGlide are specialists in acoustic and mobile walls so have this list of tips and tricks to improve productivity in the workplace.

Acoustic Absorption Panels

One way to increase productivity is to create a nice quiet environment that employees can concentrate in. This can be achieved using acoustic absorption panels. This is because they help to remove echoes and background noise that can be very distracting and detrimental to your concentration and efficiency. Studies have shown that workers can be up to 66% less productive when exposed to just one nearby conversation. Check out our full range of acoustic absorption panels for more information.

Mobile Walls

Mobile walls allow for a great amount of flexibility to change a space however you like. They also allow you to divide the space into separate areas or a meeting room for example. Studies have shown that more private offices make employees more productive and happy. This, however, may not fit with the style of your company but that’s where the flexibility of mobile walls comes into play. You can try out different things and see what works best.

The Psychology of Colour

You’ve probably heard that different colours can have various effects on us psychologically but this also relates to productivity. When designing your office space, colours are critical and can deliver great bonuses if done right. Some of the colours you should think about are:


  • Blue – Known as one of the most productive colours as it boosts relaxation and intellectual thought.
  • Yellow – Promotes happiness and positivity.
  • Orange – Encourages mental stimulation and happiness.
  • Green – Associated with balance, growth and nature, can also improve creativity.

Natural Light

Another simple way to improve productivity is to let in as much natural light as possible. Exposure to natural light can have a significant impact on the quality of sleep, happiness and overall mental health. These all affect your teams’ motivation and productivity. If you can’t get any more light in, you can also use mirrors to amplify the natural light you do have.

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