Our Range Of Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Having an interesting and professional-looking workspace is an important aspect for any business, more so if the job includes office work. Instead of just improving your desks and walls consider improving your ceiling too. When you look up all you see are some lights and a plain white ceiling. For some workspaces, you may have pipes running along with your ceiling that aren’t appealing to look at. So if you wish to make your workspace a quieter and nicer place to be then consider some of our acoustic ceiling panels.

PanelHush Sky

The first option is the PanelHush Sky, a set of ceiling hung panels with both 80 different fabric colours and 28 different designs. These panels can arrive in 7-10 working days once ordered and if you don’t have the expertise or team to install them yourself, we can install them for you. All panels can be 25 to 40 mm thick and can be installed through a 2mm cable and an eyelet hook system. The panels are hung flat side up, allowing their shape, design and colour to be seen.

PanelHush Baffles

If you prefer something more simple then maybe the PanelHush Baffles are for you. These panels are hung on their side with the option to have your ceiling lights in between them. The panels hold a standard size of 100 x 600 x40 mm, with simple and easy installation. These panels are great if you want to reduce the noise but are limited in wall space.

PanelHush PET

An alternative to the Baffles is the PanelHush PET, a set of acoustic ceiling panels made from recycled PET bottles. The panels can come in both 12mm and 24mm thick sheets with 14 different colours to pick from. With impact resistance and Class A acoustic absorption, these panels are great options if you wish to do a bit more for the environment. The panels can be up 2800mm in height giving a range of possibilities for designs and where they can be placed.

PanelHush Slotted

A final option is the PanelHush Slotted, an ideal choice if you want qualities of wood or a high-quality point finish. These are fixed by screws, staples or nails to timber battens of 50x50mm that are no more than 300mm apart. You have the choice of either slots or holes with both veneer or melamine finishes. Don’t worry about it catching fire during an emergency as these panels hold a Class O fire rating.


ModernGlide – Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Starting in 2015, together our team at ModernGlide holds over 40 years of experience with movable walls and ceiling panels. We approach every job we take with maturity, confidence and the drive to make sure it is completed and perfect for your needs. We are more than happy to help, so if you have any questions you can contact us or call us on 01932918338.