PanelHush Acoustic Wall And Ceiling Panels

PanelHush is a range of Acoustic wall panels and ceiling sound absorption rafts.

We have different designs within the extensive range to suit any project and enhance your working environment.

PanelHush acoustic absorption boards are idea for:

  • Offices

  • Education

  • Hotels

  • Domestic environment

  • Community spaces

  • Churches

PanelHush has been designed to reduce unwanted echo noise and reverberation within spaces.

The use of either wall or ceiling panels and tiles help to make it easier to hear and concentrate when having a conversation.


  • Easy installation

  • Reverberation control

  • Sound absorption panels

  • Innovative designs

  • Suitable for any environment

  • Acoustic wall and ceiling panels

  • Panels that reduce the echo noise within your room

  • Developed to reduce reverberation within spaces, making it easier for you to hear and concentrate

Panel Hush PET Acoustic Panels

Acoustic performance is a major concern of interior designers when designing commercial spaces.

By installing our Panel Hush PET sound insulation products, it’s a way to reduce indoor noise by reducing the sound waves entering the room. Panel Hush PET plastic (polyethylene terephthalate or recycled plastic water and soda bottles) has become the “go-to” material for sound absorption while offering a fresh palette for aesthetics and sonic design.

PET plastic has a felt-like texture. For interior design projects, sound insulation can greatly improve the working environment for employees and clients. Sound-absorbing panels can effectively reduce indoor noise pollution.


Panel Hush Fabric Acoustic Panels

Our Panel Hush Acoustic panels are designed and manufactured to provide up to Class A sound absorption, making them suitable for a variety of environments, from small office environments to more demanding auditoriums.

Panel Hush acoustic panels are the ideal solution for community halls, education and healthcare facilities, offices, leisure, retail and entertainment spaces where echo reverberation is a problem. Made from a high-tech recycled glass wool core compliant with BS476: Part 6 CLASS 0 fire safety standards, our Panel Hush Acoustic panels maintain the highest level of occupational safety.

Wrapped in custom fabric to your specifications, Panel Hush panels are ready to install to ceiling and wall surfaces and come complete with all mounting hardware. We offer delivery and installation, or delivery as you prefer.

Available in 25mm and 40mm thicknesses, Panel Hush acoustic panels are available in standard 2700mm x 1200mm panels which can be cut to size and therefore offer a range of design features including full coverage, targeted Innovative colour blocks, corporate branding, partitions and more.

With more than 80 colours and textures, there is something for even the most discerning customer. In addition, we can provide printing services including anything from company logos to company images, in-house graphics and photographs. Other design options and features are also available, including hexagons, circles, and triangles, to name a few.

We can manufacture shapes and sizes to your specifications, and the benefit of fabric wrapping allows for multiple design flexibility within one project.