Panel Hush Capture – Acoustic Wall Art

Adding acoustic solutions to your office space is a worthwhile investment. Perfect for creating a quieter workplace that’s free from distractions and external noise, acoustic solutions can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We understand that business owners want to stick to branding which is why we designed the PanelHush Capture.

The Importance Of Acoustic Solutions In The Workplace 

Too much noise in the office can have a negative impact on productivity and employee wellbeing. Well designed workplaces have acoustic solutions in place to counteract all the office noise. Sound pollution at work can be managed by acoustic walls and other solutions to absorb and control noise levels. Strong acoustics improve productivity and communication efforts amongst employees. Acoustic walls and panels can also be customised to your liking, allowing you to stick to your branding and the general style of the office. 

PanelHush Capture

Acoustic panels finished in one colour can look great, but are not necessarily artistic. We worked around this by creating an acoustic solution that can take the form of your favourite art or scenery. The beauty of the PanelHush Capture however is its ability to fit in seamlessly in any environment. Each panel can be customised with your corporate logo, photos or other designs, the choice is yours to make! These 40mm wall art panels provide you with class A sound absorption. Installation is easy too, simply hang the panel in the space where noise is constant and let the PanelHush Capture do the rest. With sizes ranging from 1200mm x 600mm to 1200mm x 2700mm, the images you choose to display can be either portrait or landscape. 

Other Acoustic Solutions 

Another popular acoustic solution that we design and build for workplaces is the PanelHush Acoustic Baffles. Acting as the perfect solution for offices with smaller spaces to work with, these ceiling-hung panels reduce unwanted background noise, providing clearer communication and pleasing aesthetics. These ceiling hung slotted panels also provide class A sound absorption, perfect for improving productivity in your office. 

The PanelHush Sonar is designed and tested to reduce and absorb echoes and reverberations that travel throughout the room. These panels come in 80 different fabric colours, manufactured using recycled glass wool for fireproofing. Each 40mm panel provides class A sound reduction, taking the edge off loud environments. 

ModernGlide – Acoustic Walls Specialists 

Adding acoustic solutions to your office is a great way to improve productivity and your employee’s wellbeing. We design and manufacture a whole range of acoustic solutions and movable walls which can be found here. Get in touch with our experts on 01483 947970 for more information. We’d be more than happy to help you.