Reasons Why Your School Needs Sliding Folding Partitions

Movable wall systems have only recently been considered and implemented in schools and learning environments. These wall partitions can improve concentration and learning, improve teacher well-being and space management to name a few of the many benefits. 

Space Management 

We understand that schools usually have a finite space to work with, so creating a private working environment can be difficult due to minimal space within a classroom. Schools can benefit greatly from the added versatility of movable walls, allowing teachers to construct private workspaces with ease as and when they’re needed. Perfect for smaller group activities, free from background noise. Movable wall systems are also perfect for parents’ evenings where smaller spaces are appropriate for private discussions. The usage of wall partitions is endless within a school, they can truly excel learning and concentration among students. 


Creating A Flexible Learning Space 

You could designate an area in the classroom with the movable wall in place as an enclosed reading corner or collaboration area for students, to sit and converse whilst sharing ideas. Or, you could delegate the space for students who are struggling with a certain subject or topic, allowing the teacher to help them in smaller groups without any external noise.


Managing Sounds & Acoustics 

Space and noise in a classroom is always going to be prevalent. It can take up to 20 minutes to regain full concentration after being distracted. Counteract any external noise or distraction through the use of a movable wall system. Our MG200 movable wall partitions offer up to 49 dB of sound reduction, perfect for noisy classrooms. Without the need for a structural head support, they can be installed anywhere with slimline stacking. These panels also feature the use of slimline stacking, consuming minimal space when they are not in use. 


Health & Safety

Another important factor that schools must consider constantly involves health and safety. We designed our movable partitions to be secure, fireproof and solid. The last thing you want is pupils falling into the wall or the wall falling on them. The sliding track the walls glide across eliminates the chance of the walls falling, they are also fireproofed for up to 30 minutes. 


ModernGlide – Movable Wall Specialists 

If you would like to improve your school’s learning experience for both teachers and students, consider our range of movable wall systems and acoustic panels here. Alternatively, give us a call on 01483 947970 or get in touch with our experts here. We would be more than happy to help you.