Reduce Echo Noise Levels With ModernGlide’s Acoustic Wall & Ceiling Panels

No one likes an echo in their office or venue. It can make a room feel empty and hollow. There are always ways to limit this, and we generally end up cluttering our spaces with bits and pieces that dim the sounds. But now is the time to start changing things. Why not explore the options of acoustic baffles that Modernglide offers?


Stop using ugly furnishings 

In an office or venue, soft furnishings don’t always work. There’s only so many wall coverings and rugs you can add before it looks cluttered and unprofessional. A great way to diminish the noise while maintaining a stylish, sleek look is with our products such as acoustic baffles. Our panels and walls are designed to look the way you want them to, they can be so good that you’ll forget they’re there, and your customers won’t even realise what they are! 


Do acoustic baffles really work?

You may be thinking, “Does this really work?”. We can safely guarantee that they do. Each of our 40mm thick acoustic ceiling panels comes with a sound absorption performance of Class A. This is the highest level rating possible for sound absorption. Once installed and implemented, you will notice the peace and quiet almost instantly! We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the highest quality products to help them in their business. We are able to install our Acoustic Wall & Ceiling Panels into virtually any space, as we can tailor our panels to meet your requirements. So don’t worry if you have an odd shaped room, get in touch and we can help you find the perfect shape for you. 


Acoustic Baffles: Make them work in any room

We know that offices can be loud – and sometimes you need a bit of peace and quiet so you can work without distractions, or have a conversation without worrying about anyone overhearing. Whether you need to smarten up an office, or find a way to block the sound without creating an eye sore, we have technology such as acoustic baffles, ceiling panels and acoustic walls that can fit any room or look and feel. With 28 styles and 80 colours at your fingertips, there are options for any room, colour or style. 


Contact us for acoustic baffles

If you are looking to have acoustic baffles or moveable walls installed into your school, college or office, then please do give our friendly team a call. Call us on 01932 918 338 or you can email us at Alternatively, you can fill out our online enquiry form, and we will be in touch as soon as we can.