Rejuvenating Your Space This Spring

As working from home is becoming the new normality, having noise dampening wall partitions could act as an excellent investment into your productivity. Similarly, when working in an office where noise and distractions are commonplace, having appropriate acoustical rated walls prevents distraction whilst improving effective noise cancellation. 

ModernGlide are specialists in reducing external noises and reverberations for businesses that suffer from loud, busy environments. Simply give us a call on 01932 918338 or fill out a Contact Form. We’d be more than happy to help!

Benefits Of Quiet Working Environments 

Quiet environments usually promote calming feelings and composure. Leading to faster work due to a lack of distractions, higher work quality due to improved focus and far less stress which has a productive benefit of its own.

Quiet spaces also provide you time to reflect and analyse certain situations, being able to think through decisions rationally. 

Improved privacy for meetings, having a designated meeting room that prevents noise escaping or entering is perfect for confidentiality.

The MG100 Movable Acoustic Wall

The MG100 is ideal for office spaces that require high acoustic performance whilst remaining flexible, using minimal space when not in use. These tailored made-to-measure panels work through an internal retractable mechanism that glides quietly and quickly across its head track. When the movable walls are in their closed position they remain secure and rigid. These movable acoustic walls have an acoustic reduction rating of 37dB to 58dB perfect for eliminating any external noise present in the office or workplace. 

The MG200 Sliding Folding Partitions 

These panels provide the perfect flexibility to work within any office or commercial environment. With no structural head support needed, the MG200 are ideal for smaller openings or areas. With slimline stacking, these partitions are extremely versatile, taking up minimal space when not in use. With an acoustic rating of 37dB to 49dB is ideal for creating a quieter, more relaxed workspace.

Contact Us – Acoustic Wall Partitions  

Sliding wall partitions are essential for employers trying to make a positive difference in regards to their employee’s well being and work rate. If you have any queries or questions about any of our products simply email us at Take a look at the products and services we offer here