The Benefits Of Sliding Folding Partitions

Versatility is one of the most important aspects within the workplace. Being able to create a private enclosed space by simply pulling across a sliding folding partition could be a beneficial addition to any office. Partitions also help to improve productivity and focus, due to their sound reduction technology. This is perfect for employees who experience a lot of noise whilst they are working.


Saving Space In Your Office


Sliding wall partitions are a great way to maintain space, requiring less room than hinged doors. Smaller office spaces that contain a variety of furniture or equipment could benefit dramatically from the addition of a partition. Partitions also allow the space to be usable as and when you need. So you could create a private meeting room for an hour and then fold the partition away. The spatial opportunities they provide help employees maintain privacy when required. 


Natural Light Flow 


Dark and poorly lit office spaces tend to be less productive than those with natural light. Exposure to natural light throughout the day in the office can help reduce tiredness, whilst boosting the general atmosphere and mood in the office. Our MG500 glazed sliding folding partitions provide superior light flow. They can also be installed anywhere, as they require no structural head support from the ceiling.


Encouraging Productivity And Focus 


Having an enclosed area dedicated to meetings and collaborations with colleagues or clients is the perfect way to maintain privacy and confidentiality. Offering low sound transmission due to the acoustic reduction technology, allowing employees to stay focused. Improving the overall productivity if they choose to work inside the enclosed space. Sliding folding partitions are perfect for open planned office spaces that don’t want any construction work completed in their office.


Cost-Effective Easy Installations


Each one of our sliding folding wall partitions is bespoke to your specifications and needs. We custom design and create partitions that you can implement into your office with ease, with full installation and set-ups  by our experts. Providing up to 49dB of sound reduction, these panels could be the perfect innovation that your employees need.


ModernGlide – Acoustic Wall Partitions 


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