The Benefits Of Sliding Walls Within Your Workplace

Most employees situated in an office environment struggle with the same issue; distraction. From people talking, to loud traffic, or other external noise, it can become extremely difficult to focus on the task at hand with all the background noise present. A quiet working environment improves productivity drastically.

ModernGlide are specialists in minimising soundwaves from travelling around the room. We can manufacture, supply and install movable walls, acoustic panels and other sound reduction technology. Take a look at some of our products here. Carry on reading to discover the benefits of a quiet working environment.


Improved Productivity


Office spaces that consist of regular meetings, client calls and collaborations are usually extremely distracting. Implementing a sliding wall partition offers a much lower sound transmission and a new sense of privacy. Additionally, having a designated meeting room will allow your employees to stay focused, leading to an improvement in productivity. If your office space is open plan, there is no need to invest in solid walls allowing the sliding partitions to keep the spacious feel, whilst offering the sense of privacy.




Sliding wall partitions meet a variety of aesthetic requirements. Glass partitions offer superior natural light flow and an open feel. They can be paired with all sorts of architectural and interior design styles. However, one of the primary benefits of the sliding wall partition is their ability to improve any office style. 

Natural Light flow


Dark and poorly lit working environments are nowhere near as productive as bright, well-lit environments. Natural light flowing into an office is more important than just being able to view everything. Vitamin D from the sun improves your bodily functions and overall well being, which is why it is so important to maintain a high level of natural light.

Saving Space


Sliding wall partitions are perfect for working environments with minimal space. This is due to them taking up less space than a hinged door. Because of this, they are a great alternative for smaller offices looking to maximise their space. Most sliding wall partitions are top hung or attached to a rail.

Noise Reduction – MG600


Our MG600 range here at ModernGlide is the perfect addition to your workplace. With an acoustic rating of up to 50dB, these sliding glazed walls are perfect for adding a sense of style whilst also reducing the noise around the office. Also, these top hung panels look elegant and classy with customisation options such as powder coating on the frames, to compliment your office’s existing colour scheme. 


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