The MG Range, What Sliding Partition Would Benefit You The Most

ModernGlide is a specialist within the industry, designing, fitting and installing soundproof materials/sliding wall partitions to reduce noise levels. If you need to reduce your sound pollution or redesign the layout of your premises, our team can get it sorted. We approach every project with careful planning and attention to detail to ensure our customers are more than satisfied. Our extensive product range is sure to have something for you.

MG Series

MG SERIES – One of our most popular enquiries regards the MG series. These movable acoustic wall partitions have the highest acoustic rating among our products. They are installed to look like they are fixed into the wall allowing your office, school or venue to flow naturally around it. The acoustic reduction ranges from 37-58dB and the wall partition panels can either be top-hung or floor supported. Our top-hung walls can also be fire-rated up to 1 hour and can be personalised with different materials and colours accordingly. 

MG200 – The MG200 sliding folding partition is aimed towards smaller openings or spaces as there is no need for any sort of structural head support. These folding wall partitions can stack, so when they are no longer required, minimal space is taken.

MG400 – If you want to impress clients or guests the MG400 straight sliding door is the perfect solution. Creating a forward-thinking environment, the sliding doors and walls remain out of sight when stacked for additional space. The MG400 has the maximum opening space allowing easy access in and out of your surroundings. The primary benefit, however, of the MG400 is the capability to hang the panels by the ceiling or floor.

MG500 – Particularly desirable for office spaces, the MG500 is a hinged sliding folding glazed partition that can offer several benefits to your workspace environment and employees productivity. Requiring no structural support within a ceiling allows the glazed partitions to be installed anywhere. These glass movable walls have panels constructed with an aluminium frame with a flush sheet of glass providing an elegant glazed appearance. With an acoustic rating of up to 46dB.

MG600 – The MG600 is most beneficial within an office space due to the superior light flow and flexibility within smaller environments. Offering excellent sound reduction, perfect for privacy and focus during important meetings. These glass movable wall panels are constructed using an aluminium frame that comes finished with a flush sheet or toughened glass on each side of the panel, which allows it to have a flushed glazed appearance. With acoustic ratings ranging up to 50dB.

MG1000E – The MG1000E fully electric movable walls are the perfect system for clients looking for automated movable walls. The system allows the user to position the wall automatically and then seal the panels quickly and safely using an electronic switch. The ease of automated sliding doors is perfect for regular meetings or times where silence is required. 

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ModernGlide are experts in movable acoustic walls and we approach every job with maturity, confidence and the drive to ensure it is perfect for your needs. The team is always on standby to help you with any query you present to them. If you would like more information on how mobile walls can add flexibility to your space, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Give us a call on 01483 947970 or email us at