The PanelHush Range, What Panels Would Benefit You The Most

Our extensive range of PanelHush products act as the perfect addition to your office or home. If your workspace or meeting room suffers from loud background noise or poor acoustics, consider adding PanelHush acoustic absorption panels. These acoustic absorption panels are designed and tested to reduce room echoes and reverberations.

PanelHush Sonar Acoustic Wall Panels

The PanelHush Sonar comes with the choice of 80 different fabric colours to choose from, allowing customization. Each panel is also manufactured using recycled glass wool which provides fire resistance. Coming in either 25mm or 40mm thickness options to reduce background noise and reverberations, easy and simple installation and fast delivery so you can get peace and quiet fast!

PanelHush Sky Acoustic Ceiling Rafts

PanelHush Sky are ceiling hung panels that are designed and tested to make sure room echoes and reverberations are eliminated. These ceiling panels are the perfect alternative if your wall space is minimal, having ceiling hung panels makes no difference to the quality of sound reduction whatsoever. Coming in a range of over 80 colours and 28 different designs to meet any decoration needs. Each ceiling panel is 25mm thick with a class A performance rating, 40mm ceiling panels available on request.

PanelHush Baffles 

Our PanelHush Baffles are the perfect choice for decreasing background noise. Allowing clear communication, less noise pollution and improved concentration. The standard size among our baffles is 2400 x 300 x 40mm, providing a class A sound absorption rating. The quick and easy set-up will allow your team or self to become more productive and notice a difference in acoustics immediately. 

PanelHush Slide PET Acoustic Sliding Panels

Enjoy the benefits of a flexible two-in-one system that reduces sounds and acts as a room divider. With customization of the sliding panels being completely your choice, designs are tailored to your preferences. Designed to reduce noise pollution and reverberations from everyday background noise. 

PanelHush Slotted Acoustic Veneer Wall Panels

These elegant panels offer a truly unique design, which will be sure to be the talking point when walking into the room. These panels, whilst looking great, also control the amount of noise and reverberations, regardless of the environment. Suitable for wall and ceiling mounting, these panels do it all. These slotted wooden panels are fire-resistant and fixed using nails and screws to maintain their strength. Available in a range of designs and colours, these panels are perfect for any business or organisation.

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