What Movable Walls Are Right For Your Business?

Movable walls come in all shapes and sizes. They are a great addition to any space as they can provide more rooms, reduce noise or add a different aesthetic to an office. They have many uses depending on the type you choose. But which ones are right for your business? Take a look at our guide to get you started in the process of getting movable walls. 

Movable Acoustic Walls

Our MG100 series is where we started. This option is a made to measure system with extensive stacking options for pushing the walls aside when needed. It acts as a great way to evolve your space as you need it. With acoustic reduction from 37dB to 58dB, it means that if one room is loud, the other isn’t. These mobile walls are a great option for a business that has limited space, but wants to have meeting rooms when needed. 

Glass and Glazed Walls Partitions 

Another option for office spaces is the MG500. This system is based on a shallow floor track and can allow for any shape you need. They can easily be folded back to the side or a designated space, and anyone can use them. These wall partitions have an acoustic rating up to 46dB. This design is created with no visible hinges so, when fitted together, the wall looks seamless. Furthermore, the aluminium frame can be the colour of your choosing. 

Acoustic Glazed Walls

The MG600 is a great option for a sleek and modern feel. No floor tracks are required, and you get the added bonus of an acoustic rating up to 50dB. The aluminium frame can be adjusted to your brand colours or to match your office design. This option allows for superior light flow, while retaining sound reduction qualities. 

Sliding Doors

The perfect solution to create an uncluttered space is the MG400. This system can be tailored to you, either top being ceiling or floor hung. The sliding doors couldn’t be simpler, just push and pull the panel for it to move. There’s also no stacking which means this can provide a professional feel that takes up less space. A pocket door option is also available. 

Contact Us – Movable Walls & Sliding Wall Partitions 

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