What Will Offices Look Like In The Future?

The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped how businesses operated. With employees working from home, a hybrid workforce emerged. Some companies now operate with flexible conditions, allowing employees to choose their work, timings and location. Workplaces that accommodate this system are the offices of the future, but how will the design and layout change? 

The Traditional Office

People have been working in offices for hundreds of years. The traditional office space included rows of desks and chairs in a large room. Designed to be functional, these spaces tend to negatively impact employee wellbeing. Employees had to spend the majority of their day sitting at the desk with external distractions and noise, making it difficult to concentrate affecting productivity. As the workplace has evolved more and more businesses are now creating more comfortable, flexible working conditions. The traditional office environment is quickly changing to attract new talent and boost employees’ mental and physical health. 

Office Layout Architecture

Whilst it’s hard to predict how offices will adapt to the future to come, open planned spaces will most certainly stay popular. Open planned offices are workplaces without smaller rooms or enclosed spaces. All employees work and operate in the same room without any infrastructure divisions. Open planned workplaces promote collaboration and productivity. Besides the benefits of increased productivity and cooperation, open planned spaces make your office feel bigger. Allowing free movement and the ability to change the floorplan with relative ease. 

Acoustically Rated Movable Walls

Whilst open planned spaces are great, some industries and job roles require privacy and enclosed areas to work. Movable walls are the perfect solution as they offer the flexibility of an enclosed room, without any structural alterations. These walls are top hung which can be opened or closed as and when needed. Movable walls are also acoustically rated up to 58dB, allowing you to conduct meetings or work in privacy and peace. These made to measure panels can be designed and customised to your liking or the office’s current colour scheme. Our range of movable acoustic walls can be found here.

ModernGlide – Movable Wall Specialists 

If you are interested in maximising your office space without compromising on privacy, investing in movable walls may be the perfect solution for your business. The flexibility our MG series provide allows you to create enclosed spaces when you need them, when not in use you can simply fold them back to use the space as normal. Get in touch with our experts here to find out more. We’d be more than happy to help!