Why Employees Need A Quiet Space At Work

It is becoming a popular idea to create open plan workspaces. Often they are wonderfully light and airy and as employees work side by side they can even create a more equal atmosphere. However, an open plan office does have one clear downside…Noise. That’s where movable walls come in.


Sometimes we all need quiet time


A talkative office isn’t all bad. In fact, even white noise has been found to actually be beneficial in improving employees’ ability to focus. A bit of music, or background chatter has been known to improve productivity. The caveat being that noise it is not beneficial for everyone and tends to only really help those who already struggle to focus. 


Yet, sometimes you just need a quiet space to blitz through that latest report, away from the hustle and bustle of the office, hidden behind tactically placed movable walls or the nearest closed off space. 


Get to grips with activity based design


A simple way for savvy employers to encourage productivity is to employ an activity based design, creating spaces dedicated for certain activities. Such as a conference room for more formal meeting, a cosy quiet area for group work or even office “pods” to offer private areas without impacting the overall plan of the office. 


There are a variety of creative ways you can create quiet spaces in your office that won’t break the bank. You could organise screens, add movable walls, partitions, a well placed shelving unit or even a large indoor plant could help offer some level of privacy. 


An office culture that respects quiet work spaces


In your office, it is not only office design that can help cultivate a quiet work space. But encouraging and cultivating a culture that respects that sometimes people need a quiet area to focus. 


Companies can choose to instill this within their actions, words and general attitude to quiet space. This ensures staff know that it is okay to work in a way that will best suit their needs. 


The simple addition of movable walls will section off a small area of the office. Which not only shows that the companies leaders care about their staff’s ability to concentrate. But it also shows they appreciate that every staff member works differently. 


Contact ModernGlide for movable walls

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