Why More Businesses Are Choosing To Use Sliding Partitions

Sliding partitions and movable walls are an emerging trend amongst business owners looking to maximise their space, without compromising on style. Office design and layout is a great way to reflect your company. Continue reading to discover some of the main benefits involved with obtaining wall partitions for your office space.


Appearance In The Room

Sliding partitions can be designed and customised to suit your current space however you like. Impressions count. Movable walls show visitors and guests entering the office what sort of company you are. Sliding doors and partitions are usually minimalistic in appearance, which goes very well with contemporary business layouts. We offer a variety of customisation on our range of sliding walls, perfect for brand coherence, sticking to your business colours. 


Acoustic Reduction

Sliding doors don’t only offer a sleek and modern appearance, they also act as excellent sound absorption devices. Wall partitions such as the MG500 act as a great alternative to counter loud office spaces, allowing employees to work without distraction when needed. Acoustically rated up to 46dB, these sliding glazed doors can open and close as and when they are needed, to create an enclosed space for privacy and productivity. They also require no structural support within the ceiling, allowing the walls to be installed anywhere! The flexibility these partitions provide presents you with the ability to move them around as you wish.


Maximising Your Office Space 

Small to medium-sized businesses tend to have less office space. A great way to use the space to your advantage involves using partitions as opposed to physical rooms. Being able to open and close the area when you wish will help you utilise the space when it’s needed and when it’s not. Glass materials also enhance spaces, allowing them to look and feel larger than they actually are. Opening the walls when they are not in use creates an open feel in the room, which is perfect for impressing clients.


Allowing Natural Light To Enter 

Natural light works wonders in work environments. Boosting moods, increasing productivity and reducing stress, making your office a much nicer place to work in. Glass partitions allow light to enter and flow freely around the room, allowing the employees to reap the benefits. You will also rely less on artificial lighting, helping the environment and reducing your annual energy costs.


ModernGlide – Wall Partitions Specialists 

Movable walls are an excellent way to improve the appearance, size and noise in a loud office environment. If you are looking for a multi-purpose solution to improve productivity and employee wellbeing, get in touch with our experts on 01483 947970. We can’t wait to hear from you!