Why Should You Get Your Operable Walls Serviced

You made the decision to purchase a flexible operable wall on in your building, so you could utilise the open space as you envisioned it. Operable Walls give your space the flexibility to change. Whether it’s opening up space or dividing it, so you can use it more efficiently. The acoustic properties of the operable wall allow you to achieve the desired level of privacy and sound reduction. It was a perfect solution for your business. And you must be thrilled with all that your operable wall has to offer.

However, it was an expensive purchase and you want to ensure your operable wall works problem free for many years to come. As with all mechanical devices, operable walls are made of numerous movable parts that need to clean, aligned, tightened, and lubricated. It could just be normal wear and tear. But maintenance is crucial. So you and your business can benefit from the use of your operable wall.

Operable Walls – Why Should You Should Service Them:



First and foremost, you would want to ensure the safety of your business space for your employees, customers, and anyone that visits your business site. With all its benefits, use of operable wall must be done with precaution and safety in mind. Without a doubt, regular maintenance will allow you to continue using your operable wall safely and ensuring the safety of all personnel.


By getting your operable wall regularly serviced you will help maintain its health for a long lifespan. Our experienced technicians even take the time to train your staff on basic maintenance and cleaning of your operable walls. This ensures proper usage, in turn, helping with the overall performance and the safe use of the product.

Product And Acoustic Performance 

You always want your movable walls to work reliably and the product to maintain its premium performance level. It’s not just the aesthetics of the panels that should be maintained. The track and trolley system is also an important component of the operable walls. If you have difficulty moving the operable wall, you will not be able to utilise the benefits of the product.

If there is an issue with the acoustic performance, then it would also impact your business activities due to noise level concerns.  Identifying and resolving these concerns immediately will help you maintain the product and acoustic performance of your operable wall without interruptions to your business activities.

Do not wait for something to go wrong with your operable wall act today so that you don’t have to shut down business activity for an emergency repair or worry about a long wait for service appointments and ordered parts. Want to be more proactive? Get a preventative maintenance plan. These include an annual or semi-annual maintenance that can usually address basic issues. Such as normal wear and tear thus avoiding expensive repairs in the future.

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