The ModernGlide MG200 sliding folding acoustic system stands at the forefront of innovative architectural solutions

One of its primary advantages lies in its seamless adaptability, allowing spaces to effortlessly transform from open layouts to more intimate configurations. This system is engineered with precision to provide architects and designers the freedom to create dynamic environments that cater to diverse needs, whether it be collaborative workspaces, conference rooms, or multipurpose event venues. […]

Exciting Workspace Transformation Project Alert!

We’re thrilled to showcase our latest project that beautifully combines functionality and aesthetics using the cutting-edge ModernGlide MG100 Movable Acoustic Wall! Project Goal: Enhance meeting efficiency and optimize room acoustics in a dynamic workspace environment. The Challenge: Tired of dealing with distracting echoes during meetings? We were on a mission to address reverberation issues in […]

Revolution in Space Management MG900

In the fast-paced world of contemporary architecture and interior design, innovation, and versatility are paramount. Today, we introduce the game-changing ModernGlide MG900 Glazed Sliding Folding Flexible System, a product that redefines the way we approach spatial divisions and acoustic solutions. Acoustic Reduction from 34dB:One of the standout features of the ModernGlide MG900 is its exceptional […]

Enhancing Flexibility and Functionality: Modernglide Retractable Walls

In today’s dynamic world, adaptability and flexibility are key considerations when designing spaces for office interiors, educational buildings, community centers, and religious establishments. Modernglide retractable walls have emerged as an innovative solution that offers unparalleled versatility and functionality. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of incorporating Modernglide retractable walls into interior fitouts, […]

Embrace Versatility and Elegance with the MG500 Flush Glazed Sliding Folding Partition

MG500 Flush Glazed Sliding Folding Partition. This cutting-edge partition system is designed to transform spaces, offering unmatched flexibility, functionality, and aesthetics. Whether you are looking to create versatile meeting rooms, dynamic workspaces, or stylish event areas, the MG500 is the perfect solution. Let’s dive deeper into the features and benefits of this remarkable partition system. […]

Flexible space solutions for the modern workplace

Welcome to ModernGlide – your go-to provider of flexible space solutions for the modern workplace. Our flagship product, the MG100 movable acoustic wall, is the perfect solution for creating versatile and dynamic spaces in your office or workplace. With the MG100, you can easily transform your open space into separate rooms for meetings, presentations, or […]

Moveable partitions are an essential aspect of modern interior design

Moveable partitions are an essential aspect of modern interior design. They offer a versatile and cost-effective solution for dividing up large spaces, creating private areas and improving the functionality of any room. If you’re looking for a practical and stylish way to enhance your workspace or living area, moveable partitions are an excellent choice. What […]

Adding a Writable wipe board finish to your MG100 movable wall

Adding a Writable wipe board finish to your MG100 movable wall can provide significant benefits to a meeting room, including enhanced flexibility and productivity. Here are some ways in which writable wipe boards can improve the functionality of a meeting room: Easy Collaboration: Writable wipe boards make it easy for team members to collaborate and […]

Ceiling hung acoustic baffles

PanelHush Ceiling hung acoustic baffles offer several benefits in situations where wall space is not available or suitable for acoustic treatment. Here are some of the main advantages: Improved acoustics: Acoustic baffles can help absorb sound reflections and reduce echoes and reverberation in a space. This can improve speech intelligibility, music clarity, and overall acoustic comfort. […]

Choosing the right acoustic rating for an operable wall

An operable wall is a type of partition that is designed to divide a large space into smaller, more flexible areas. The wall is typically made up of a series of panels that can be moved and folded to create different configurations. Choosing the correct acoustic rating for an operable wall in your office or […]