Elevate Your Space: Discover the ModernGlide MG900 Movable Acoustic Wall System

In the world of architectural innovation, the ability to adapt and transform spaces on demand has become a cornerstone of modern design. Enter the ModernGlide MG900, a cutting-edge movable acoustic wall system that promises not just to redefine flexibility but to do so with an elegance and efficiency that is unmatched in the industry. Unmatched […]

The ModernGlide MG200 sliding folding acoustic system stands at the forefront of innovative architectural solutions

One of its primary advantages lies in its seamless adaptability, allowing spaces to effortlessly transform from open layouts to more intimate configurations. This system is engineered with precision to provide architects and designers the freedom to create dynamic environments that cater to diverse needs, whether it be collaborative workspaces, conference rooms, or multipurpose event venues. […]

The Benefits Of Sliding Folding Partitions

Versatility is one of the most important aspects within the workplace. Being able to create a private enclosed space by simply pulling across a sliding folding partition could be a beneficial addition to any office. Partitions also help to improve productivity and focus, due to their sound reduction technology. This is perfect for employees who […]

Transforming Your Office Going Into 2022

It is important to update your office environment for your employees once a year, after the amount of time they spend there. Small additions or changes go a long way to improving productivity and wellbeing in the workplace. ModernGlide are specialists in acoustic panels and wall partitions. Our expert team would be more than happy […]

ModernGlide: What Separates Us From Our Competitors?

Who We Are: ModernGlide is a specialist within the industry in designing, fitting and installing soundproof materials/wall partitions to reduce noise levels. If you need to reduce your sound pollution or redesign the layout of your premises, our team can get it sorted. We approach each and every project with careful planning and attention to […]