Enhancing Flexibility and Functionality: Modernglide Retractable Walls

In today’s dynamic world, adaptability and flexibility are key considerations when designing spaces for office interiors, educational buildings, community centers, and religious establishments. Modernglide retractable walls have emerged as an innovative solution that offers unparalleled versatility and functionality. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of incorporating Modernglide retractable walls into interior fitouts, […]

How to Maximise Small Office Work Space

A large office space is not necessary in today’s working environment. At ModernGlide we understand that a smaller more dynamic space is becoming increasingly popular. With this in mind, maximising space is a key factor to ensure the productivity as well as the wellbeing of your business. We have many products like ceiling acoustic panels […]

5 Advantages of Partition Solutions

Dynamic partition walls are a cost effective ergonomic solution to creating new spaces. Constructing walls can be an expensive and messy process; at ModernGlide we provide an affordable, permanent solution that gives you the option to alter the shape of a room with ease. We supply a range of movable partition wall systems from movable […]

4 Benefits of Movable Glass Office Partitions: Create Flexible Workplace Spaces

Movable Glass Office Partitions   With the rate at which we work inevitably increasing, the office landscape has also changed along with it. No longer are personal stalls in fashion as they are both unaesthetic and limit efficient teamwork and communication.   In order to keep up with fast flowing industries, flexible offices are a […]