Versatile Acoustic Product – MG900

Employees spend a lot of time in the work environment or office. If your job role entails working from a desk for most of the day, a dull environment won’t likely help to motivate you and other employees. If you are looking to liven up your work environment, allowing it to become more modern, interesting […]

Acoustic Glass Doors – MG500

Having an inviting workspace is an essential part of any office-based business, to keep their staff and employees productive and motivated. This is more relevant within job roles that involve being sat in the same place for hours at a time. The workplace also needs to be presentable to any clients, customers or guests visiting. […]

Where Can Movable Wall Partitions Be Used?

Our movable wall partitions can be used in any commercial building or project. Here’s a guide to the different uses for our products: Schools, Colleges And Universities Our movable wall partitions are very popular in schools, colleges and universities. And there are many different uses for mobile walls within educational institutions. They can be used […]

What Movable Walls Are Right For Your Business?

Movable walls come in all shapes and sizes. They are a great addition to any space as they can provide more rooms, reduce noise or add a different aesthetic to an office. They have many uses depending on the type you choose. But which ones are right for your business? Take a look at our […]

How We’re Working Through The Coronavirus Pandemic

At ModernGlide, we’re specialists in mobile walls, movable walls and sliding folding wall partitions. Over the last year, like many other businesses, we’ve had to adapt to working in a new way because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Here’s a guide to how we’re working remotely, while continuing to help our clients create flexible work environments: […]

Movable Walls Ideas For 2021

Keeping up with the ever-changing times means ensuring that your work, learning, and personal space can do the same. Don’t worry if you’re stuck for ideas on how to take your environment from a single function space to multiple function spaces. Our team at ModernGlide has come up with a guide of some ideas for […]

How To Create More Space In Your Office

At ModernGlide we have a range of products such as mobile walls and partitions that can create more space in your office and give you a flexible working environment. Here’s a guide on just 4 of our products that are a popular choice when creating more space in offices:   Mobile Walls A way to […]

4 Benefits Of Installing MG500 Sliding Folding Wall Partitions Into Your Office

Our products such as movable walls, operable walls and sliding folding partitions can be installed into many environments. They are especially popular in offices and schools as they create a flexible environment that can be adapted to suit your needs in any given moment. Here’s a guide to 4 benefits of installing our MG500 sliding […]

How A Hinged Sliding Folding Partition Works

Movable Walls can be used in all sorts of settings, from offices, to schools and village halls. They are an effective way to separate rooms to the desired size, whenever you want. Our MG500 Flush Glazed Sliding Folding Wall Partitions are a great way to achieve this. Here’s a guide on how they work and […]

What Operable Walls Can Do For Your Office In 2021

2020 brought a lot of changes to businesses. And with the expected economic bounceback in 2021, it’s the perfect time for a refresh, you can even make the office more covid secure. Have you considered installing operable walls? They may not have been your first thought, but we think they should be. Here’s a guide […]