The ModernGlide MG100 Movable Acoustic Wall: A Overview

The MG100 is not just a movable wall; it’s a sophisticated solution designed for spaces that demand flexibility, sound insulation, and a touch of elegance. Its ability to create or remove partitions within a room without permanent structural changes gives clients the power to adapt their spaces to various needs – whether for meetings, events, […]

Exciting Workspace Transformation Project Alert!

We’re thrilled to showcase our latest project that beautifully combines functionality and aesthetics using the cutting-edge ModernGlide MG100 Movable Acoustic Wall! Project Goal: Enhance meeting efficiency and optimize room acoustics in a dynamic workspace environment. The Challenge: Tired of dealing with distracting echoes during meetings? We were on a mission to address reverberation issues in […]

Enhancing Flexibility and Functionality: Modernglide Retractable Walls

In today’s dynamic world, adaptability and flexibility are key considerations when designing spaces for office interiors, educational buildings, community centers, and religious establishments. Modernglide retractable walls have emerged as an innovative solution that offers unparalleled versatility and functionality. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of incorporating Modernglide retractable walls into interior fitouts, […]

Embrace Versatility and Elegance with the MG500 Flush Glazed Sliding Folding Partition

MG500 Flush Glazed Sliding Folding Partition. This cutting-edge partition system is designed to transform spaces, offering unmatched flexibility, functionality, and aesthetics. Whether you are looking to create versatile meeting rooms, dynamic workspaces, or stylish event areas, the MG500 is the perfect solution. Let’s dive deeper into the features and benefits of this remarkable partition system. […]

It’s What We Do!

Where we specialize in providing top-quality operable wall solutions for various applications. Our extensive range of products includes movable walls, folding walls, sliding walls, and partition walls, all designed to maximize space utilization and flexibility. Whether you need to divide a large room into smaller sections, create private areas, or optimize your space for different […]

Advantages of Acoustic Moving Walls

Multipurpose concept Imagine being able to use your space to your advantage and transform a large area into multiple smaller rooms in an instant with minimal effort. Now imagine the possibilities of maximizing your revenue by using acoustic partitions, hosting multiple meetings simultaneously during the day, and easily stacking partitions and converting them into one […]

Where Can Movable Wall Partitions Be Used?

Our movable wall partitions can be used in any commercial building or project. Here’s a guide to the different uses for our products: Schools, Colleges And Universities Our movable wall partitions are very popular in schools, colleges and universities. And there are many different uses for mobile walls within educational institutions. They can be used […]

Movable Walls Ideas For 2021

Keeping up with the ever-changing times means ensuring that your work, learning, and personal space can do the same. Don’t worry if you’re stuck for ideas on how to take your environment from a single function space to multiple function spaces. Our team at ModernGlide has come up with a guide of some ideas for […]

What Operable Walls Can Do For Your Office In 2021

2020 brought a lot of changes to businesses. And with the expected economic bounceback in 2021, it’s the perfect time for a refresh, you can even make the office more covid secure. Have you considered installing operable walls? They may not have been your first thought, but we think they should be. Here’s a guide […]