What Will Offices Look Like In The Future?

The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped how businesses operated. With employees working from home, a hybrid workforce emerged. Some companies now operate with flexible conditions, allowing employees to choose their work, timings and location. Workplaces that accommodate this system are the offices of the future, but how will the design and layout change?  The Traditional Office People […]

Our Range Of Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Having an interesting and professional-looking workspace is an important aspect for any business, more so if the job includes office work. Instead of just improving your desks and walls consider improving your ceiling too. When you look up all you see are some lights and a plain white ceiling. For some workspaces, you may have […]

Acoustic Glass Doors – MG500

Having an inviting workspace is an essential part of any office-based business, to keep their staff and employees productive and motivated. This is more relevant within job roles that involve being sat in the same place for hours at a time. The workplace also needs to be presentable to any clients, customers or guests visiting. […]

Acoustic absorption panels: How Do They Work

Employers looking to reduce noise usually turn to movable walls or sliding folding partitions. These walls act as excellent soundproofing strategies to create a quieter environment or workspace, however come at a large cost. Acoustic panels on the other hand are a cheaper alternative that can reduce noise pollution and are more accessible to most […]

Changing Your Office Landscape On A Budget

Are you planning on rearranging your office? Perhaps the office or workplace is situated near a lot of noise pollution from traffic or train tracks? Concentration rates improve drastically when there is a silent or controlled acoustic environment. Even if you have to work near a lot of noise or distraction, certain acoustic partitions and […]

The PanelHush Range, What Panels Would Benefit You The Most

Our extensive range of PanelHush products act as the perfect addition to your office or home. If your workspace or meeting room suffers from loud background noise or poor acoustics, consider adding PanelHush acoustic absorption panels. These acoustic absorption panels are designed and tested to reduce room echoes and reverberations. PanelHush Sonar Acoustic Wall Panels […]

PanelHush Capture: The 2 in 1 Wall Panels 

Here at ModernGlide, we know that while you want to reduce echo and background noise, you still need your space to look stunning. That’s why we offer the PanelHush Capture. The acoustic absorption panels not only help your room to sound great but they look great too. We are specialists in moveable and acoustic walls […]

 How To Reduce Classroom Acoustics:

When it comes to learning in a classroom, hearing and understanding what the teacher is saying is vital to learning and obtaining the knowledge. A noisy classroom not only makes it harder to hear, but it also makes it much easier to get distracted. However, noise in the classroom can be more than students talking. […]